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Viamonte’s Thoughtful Design


“It’s like moving into a resort.”
-Ann, Future Resident

At Viamonte at Walnut Creek the elegance will catch your eyes. From the contemporary décor to the spacious, expansive feel you get inside, it becomes obvious why this is a unique senior living experience. However, it’s what is underneath that elegance and originality that belies the simplicity of its purpose: to create a thriving, vibrant community.

This guide will assist you in understanding everything that Viamonte has to offer, both inside and out. You’ll learn about:
● The ways you can customize your Viamonte living experience
● The different amenities being offered at Viamonte
● How the design was influenced by the mission of Viamonte
● How its location plays a major role in lifestyle at Viamonte


“It’s easy to sit, and read a book, and not get involved. I’m looking forward to a community where I’ll be with other people who are interested in getting involved, interested in learning.”
-Doug, Future Resident

Through its architecture, Viamonte will invite you to be involved. With so much to do around campus, you’ll find it can be difficult to get stuck living a routine lifestyle. That’s because the architects who designed Viamonte made it their mission to encompass a few big ideas into everything they did.

Using design, Viamonte wanted to:

● Create an inviting community atmosphere
● Promote the privacy of its residents, especially within their own home
● Inspire creative lifestyles among its residents
● Build something that was unique to the desires of those who would be residing there.

This was accomplished in several ways, but none more apparent than the abundance of options for activities on campus.

Aside from the plentiful on-site dining options, amenities include:

● A pool and spa
● A wellness and fitness center
● A bistro/wine bar
● Technology center
● Exhibition kitchen
● A complimentary card and game room, and more.

Hungry for conversation? Have a seat with some friends outside at the fireside lounge, located in the center of the courtyard. Feeling artistic? Make a visit to the in-house art studio or performance venue and share your creative interests with others at Viamonte.

Or if you’re just looking to relax, your personal balcony offers fresh air with a view in the comfort of your own home.

A calendar of daily events will also be available to all Viamonte residents. This extensive agenda will ensure that you never miss out on an opportunity that presents itself within Viamonte, or the surrounding Walnut Creek area. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll undoubtedly find beauty in the simplicity of it all.


Living at Viamonte is living with no strings attached.

A lock ‘n leave lifestyle means you can come and go as you please, with no need to worry about maintenance or upkeep. Housekeeping at Viamonte will ensure that everything is taken care of when you’re away—like simple linen services.

All utilities are included in pricing—heating, water, electricity, air conditioning, etc. Furthermore, you’ll have access to cable television and wi-fi across the complex, allowing you to stay connected wherever you are within Viamonte.

We want your home to feel new and refreshing. Open concept kitchens bring a distinctly sleek and modern feel to the space, especially when paired with the new stainless steel appliances that are included in the design. Plus, emergency response systems are included throughout your residence, so you can have peace of mind that help is always, and quite literally, right around the corner.

There are almost 200 architecturally different homes to choose from. Hand-select your floor plan and the level you’d like to be on within Viamonte. Additionally, you can customize your residence with one of three magnificent interior design packages to give your home that extra touch of you. For a full list of the residence features being offered, click here.*

Our custom amenities and services are just some of the enjoyable features offered at Viamonte. And just around the corner from Viamonte is a cultural haven of shops and sights, such as the Orchards and downtown Walnut Creek. The wonderful landscape of Mount Diablo can be seen from right outside your window, or you could view some of the creative pieces at the nearby performing arts centers.

With so much to do, you never have to feel alone unless you want to be. And for the times that you do, you can retreat to any number of tranquil locations on campus or your own residence.


Viamonte offers everything you need to experience a secure, dynamic senior lifestyle in the Bay Area. And though it opens in 2020, space is already becoming limited.

If you’re interested in learning more about Viamonte or applying for residence, please contact us at 925-621-6600 or

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