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The Benefits of Active Senior Living at Viamonte


If you or a loved one are considering different Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) options, a good criteria to emphasize in your search is a community that puts the “active” in “active senior living.” An abundance of research shows that the more physically, mentally, and socially active seniors are, the happier, healthier, and longer their lives tend to be.

A CCRC with a lively community, crowded event calendar, fitness and wellness services, and opportunities for social engagement is the ideal kind of place—and it just so happens that Viamonte at Walnut Creek is exactly this kind of senior living community. To learn why being active is so important for seniors, and how Viamonte prioritizes active senior living, read on!


As people age, it becomes more and more important—not less—for them to stay active and engaged in society. On a physical level, routine exercise has been shown consistently to lessen the negative effects that aging has on the body, such as decreased bone and muscle mass, reduced joint flexibility, and increased risk of fractures or chronic illness.

George Washington University study found that seniors who are inactive and spend most of their time doing sedentary activities “drastically raises the risk of walking disability.” By engaging in moderate exercise and moving the body multiple times per week, seniors can feel better in their day-to-day lives, stay healthier, and be more independent. Exercise has also been shown to reduce rates of depression, anxiety, and stress.

Of course, physical activity is only a piece of the puzzle. Mental activity is equally as important, because just like the rest of the body, the brain can grow weaker as people age—but it can also be strengthened, simply by being used frequently. Activities such as crossword puzzles, reading, learning a language, and hobbies have been shown to help prevent memory loss and improve mental health.

Last but not least, social activity is key for seniors as well. By staying involved in a community, forming and maintaining friendships, and participating in social events, seniors can help prevent the feelings of loneliness that tend to affect those who don’t stay socially engaged.


One misconception that people may have about moving to a CCRC, or a life plan community, is that people think they’ll be less active and independent once they move to the senior living community. What these people tend to discover is that the exact opposite is the case—seniors usually become more independent and more active once they leave their previous homes and enter a senior living community.

The reasons for this make lots of sense, when you think about them: For one thing, many seniors who are living in their longtime homes are isolated and dependent—they likely don’t know as many people in their neighborhoods as they used to, their friends and family may be far away, and they’re less physically able to take care of household chores and maintenance than they used to be.

Once they move to a senior living community such as Viamonte at Walnut Creek, these seniors soon realize how much the CCRC services make them more free to forget about home maintenance, to enjoy superior medical care whenever it’s needed, and above all, to interact with a like-minded group of individuals who are welcoming and excited to develop strong social bonds.

Additionally, because so many CCRCs provide wellness and fitness programs, healthy dining options, and lots of activities and events, seniors often tend to lead much healthier and more rewarding lives once they move into a retirement community.


Viamonte at Walnut Creek brings the idea of active senior living to a whole new level. One main cause of this is the sheer amount of top-class amenities that Viamonte’s residents get to enjoy on campus. These amenities promote an active lifestyle in all three facets that matter: physically, mentally, and socially.

From Viamonte’s outdoor fireside lounge to its gas-fired grill area and bocce court and more, there are plenty of open spaces to share with friends. The art studio and library stand as just a couple of the great areas for mental stimulation, while the pool, spa, and fitness and wellness centers are ideal for keeping bodies in healthy physical condition.

Beyond the on-campus activities at Viamonte, senior living at Walnut Creek comes with tremendous off-campus opportunities as well. Walnut Creek, California boasts restaurants, events, shopping, nearby attractions, and more. The opportunity to interact with the Walnut Creek community is one more way that Viamonte residents keep themselves active.


If the active lifestyle at Viamonte at Walnut Creek appeals to you, we’ll be thrilled to discuss your potential future in our community. To visit our Preview Center and model home, or to ask any questions you may have, give us a call at 925-621-6600 or email us at

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