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Maintaining an Independent Lifestyle at a CCRC


As you grow older and look toward retirement, your priorities start to become more clear. You know how you want to spend your time and you want to make those decisions yourself. Moving into a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) can provide you with the opportunity and freedom to pursue the hobbies and the lifestyle you want, without the burden of the everyday responsibilities that go along with homeownership.  

It’s a common misconception that seniors won’t be able to live the private, independent lives they desire when moving into a continuing care retirement community. But after learning a little more about this type of community, you may find it’s even easier to live an independent lifestyle at a CCRC than by aging in place. 

Viamonte at Walnut Creek is an independent living community with an emphasis on arts and culture, fitness and wellness, continuing education, community events and much more. Just minutes from downtown Walnut Creek and a short distance from the Bay Area, residents live a carefree lifestyle with so much opportunity at their fingertips. If you’re considering your options post-retirement, understand how a CCRC, also known as a life plan community, can fulfill the independent lifestyle you’ve been seeking. 


The term “retirement community” is antiquated — as is the way of living from the past, where all seniors were treated the same in these types of communities. CCRCs have come a long way, and seniors are now catered to based on their needs and interests. Research has also shown that residents of a CCRC or life plan community are overall happier than those who choose to remain in their own homes. 

Mather LifeWays, Chicago-based non-denominational not-for-profit organization focused on improving the lives of older adults, conducted a study with Northwestern University to explore seniors’ experiences in CCRCs.  One response stated, “Residents who live in CCRCs with 300 or more residents reported higher life satisfaction, better mood, more positive perceptions of aging, less stress, and higher perceived control over their lives, as compared to the control group.” 

At Viamonte, residents have the freedom to make all their own choices, from what kind of place they’d like to live in and what their floor plan will look like, down to what they eat at every meal. And should they need health care and assistance in the future, that option is available as well. 


Your independence starts with your own home. You’ll enjoy the privacy you’ve always desired with close to 200 beautifully appointed and architecturally distinctive homes from which to choose. You’ll have your own space, an independent atmosphere to do with as you wish. Floor plans include an option of one or two bedrooms, with the option of a den as well. Three interior design packages are also offered so you can select hardwood cabinetry, large walk-in closets, in-suite washer and dryer, and stainless steel appliances.  

The robust calendar of programs at Viamonte will allow you to get involved with the activities you’ve always wanted. While you’ll be keeping your brain active and sharp by creating arts and crafts or reading books and getting involved in discussions, you’ll also have the opportunity to make lifelong friends in the midst of it.  And with all the fitness classes and wellness programs, your independent lifestyle will be an active one to keep your body in top shape, while also clearing your mind.


Another unique offering of Viamonte’s is the rich community it’s situated in, and the endless adventures it promises. The neighborhood shuttle will take you to downtown Walnut Creek, while the nearby BART station will take you to the Bay Area.  Walnut Creek itself has a full calendar of events to participate in no matter what season or holidays are celebrated. Shop stores and boutiques, and enjoy exquisite cuisine from all types of restaurants sure to satiate any appetite.

The Bay Area is just a short trip away when you’re looking to explore further. Check out everything from the symphony and ballet to museums, restaurants and stadiums. Regardless of what type of independent lifestyle you’re looking for, Viamonte at Walnut Creek will set the perfect setting for that vision. The choices are yours, but Viamonte makes it possible.  

If you think you may be interested in learning more about this CCRC, visit our website to get a better understanding of all Viamonte has to offer. Or come visit for a preview.

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