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How Senior Living is Better at Viamonte



  • Viamonte at Walnut Creek is a mission-driven community where everyone has a voice.
  • Viamonte residents will live at the intersection of all their needs.
  • Want to see what sets Viamonte apart from other CCRCs? Make an appointment at the Viamonte Preview Center to learn more.

Not all Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are created equal. Finding the perfect one for you is a lot like house shopping. You’ll want to see the floor plans, visit nearby retail and dining spots and talk to some locals to see what they think about the surrounding area.

Viamonte at Walnut Creek is unique in that it’s built not just with enriching amenities and modern residence features in mind, although it does have both of those. When building Viamonte at Walnut Creek, the foundation that everything will be built on is community. At the end of the day, that’s what makes a place, a home.

Viamonte at Walnut Creek will be a community in the truest sense, attracting an inclusive and vibrant population of friends and neighbors.

“I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting many of the residents who will be moving into the building and for me that is a wonderful thing to experience who will be the end user…the people who will thrive here for years to come,” says Viamonte Architect Tom Brutting. “In particular, they’ve told me their reason for coming to Viamonte is not only for the design and uniqueness of it, but the fact that they’ll create new friendships while they’re here and that’s a big part of what we’re hoping the design will be able to enforce.”

Here are some more reasons you should consider Viamonte at Walnut Creek as you explore CCRCs:


Viamonte at Walnut Creek is a new senior housing development by Sequoia Living (formerly Northern California Presbyterian Homes & Services), a San Francisco-based nonprofit dedicated to providing homes and services for healthy aging.

As a nonprofit, the organization reinvests its financial returns in ways that support its mission and enrich lives. When you choose Viamonte at Walnut Creek for your senior living experience, you can feel confident that there are no hidden fees or other stakeholders that take priority over residents, unlike some of the for-profit senior living organizations.

Viamonte isn’t a national chain––it’s an organization that is committed to maintaining an inclusive, supportive and responsive community where all residents are respected and heard. Sequoia Living also owns and operates three other well-established CCRCs and manages three affordable housing communities.

“There is a comfort in knowing that this is not the first senior community they have been involved with,” says Judy, a future resident of Viamonte.


When searching CCRCs, soon-to-be retirees seek senior living that sits in a footprint of exciting and enriching social and cultural opportunities. Viamonte at Walnut Creek offers a great location, which is something other CCRCs can’t duplicate. You can’t build this view.

Viamonte rests at the foothills of Mt. Diablo, which serves as a picturesque backdrop for everything you’ll be doing in the area. Even if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast, everyone can agree that it doesn’t get much better than spending your retirement set to a backdrop of a stunning mountain scene. It’s as serene as it gets.

Those scenic sites coupled with the rich downtown attractions of Walnut Creek make for unmatchable community amenities. Viamonte is located within reach of retail, dining and entertainment for every occasion. If you have your sights set on somewhere a little farther out, the Walnut Creek BART station is just 34 minutes from the Embarcadero by rail, so you’ll be connected to the airport or any other Bay Area destination spots.


One of the most common things we hear from future residents is just how important it is that Viamonte at Walnut Creek will offer its residents the security of knowing that if they require a higher level of care in the future, that care can be provided within the comfort of their own apartment home or within the Walnut Creek community.

This concept of continuing care means that residents will be cared for if, when and where they need it––right at home. Viamonte’s three levels of continued care options for seniors (independent living, assisted living, and memory care) mean that residents can settle into their homes without having to relocate in the future. Compassionate caregivers can provide support within the comfort of their home, further adding to the senior living services available at Viamonte at Walnut Creek.

“We have both experienced what it is like to be caregivers for our parents, and we are very realistic about how hard it can be, the older you are, to move out of your home,” says Gloria, a future resident of Viamonte. “At Viamonte, we know, that should the need arise, we can get the help that we need right where we are.”

To learn more about the dynamic senior living experience of Viamonte at Walnut Creek, contact us today at 925-621-6600 to visit the Preview Center and model home before exploring everything that downtown Walnut Creek has to offer.

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