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Customizing Your Life: From Floorplan to Finishings



Viamonte Large Unit
  • Getting the most out of senior living is easy at Viamonte
  • Live a comfortable and customized lifestyle
  • Having access to numerous customizable options makes your space uniquely yours

Imagine being able to live a lifestyle that is as comfortable as it is functional. Are you ready to elevate your living experience to a lifestyleexperience? At Viamonte at Walnut Creek, a unique standard of living is provided that allows for customization matched with top of the line amenities and daily programs that are sure to enrich the lives of its residents. As an added bonus, the Senior Living Community is located in the sparkling  San Francisco Bay area.

Routine house chores are a thing of the past at Viamonte. This top-of-the-line senior living community takes the worry out of everyday life so you are able to relax and enjoy doing things you actuallytake pleasure in. With customizable living spaces and programs that are sure to entertain and enlighten, Viamonte is the place you’ll come to truly start living your best life.

Viamonte is a senior living community that offers its residents a place where customization and relaxed living are all wrapped into one perfectly tailored package.

When you choose to live at Viamonte you have access to a unique living space that will fit any type of lifestyle or living situation. You’ll also be exposed to walkable and easily accessible neighborhoods set against the majestic Mt. Diablo.

This guide will help you to understand how life can be customized at Viamonte of Walnut Creek – giving you access to many senior living programs that will provide an enhanced living experience unlike any you’ve had before.


Unlike other senior living residences, Viamonte has several customizable options to choose from – not just in the floor plans, of which there are 174 architecturally distinct designs, but in the resources available for future residents. With tailored and customized options that work for each stage of life, senior living at Viamonte can meet and exceed all of your needs.

Our new home floor plans are just one of the many ways we provide a customized living experience. With numerous choices to select from, you can pick a design that will fit your individual style. Whether you’re looking for a small or large design, our floor plans range from 747 square feet to 1,526 square feet; each carrying their own special  benefits but all with plenty of space to hold gatherings and entertain guests.

Your resident benefits include:

  • Spacious living
  • Hardwood flooring in open concept kitchens
  • Quartz countertops with backsplash and trim options
  • Carpet in living areas
  • Modern kitchen designs with stainless steel appliances
  • Master bedrooms with guest bedroom options
  • Balcony or patio
  • Generous sized walk-in closets
  • 1 ½ – 2 bathrooms with walk-in showers
  • In-suite washer and dryer
  • Architecturally diverse floor plans
  • Internet connection
  • Emergency response systems
  • 4 levels to choose from

*Plus, a location and a view that is sure to please.

The senior housing plans are developed to offer residents unique standards of living with a modern feel. These standards are in place to help seniors live a lifestyle that is as comfortable as it is functional.


Customization with senior living doesn’t stop with floor plan design and architecture. The idea of modernized living has branched out to touch every other aspect of a resident’s life including your daily living needs such as health care options.

As a resident at Viamonte, you will have access to medical care which can help to alleviate concerns about finding additional support while living there. This access will also eliminate any worry you may have regarding potential health changes down the road.

The concept of health and wellness are a top priority at Viamonte. With Continuing Care options available, residents are presented with security in knowing that their specific needs will be met.

Seniors are able to select options of Continuing Care that vary in level of care. Each can be altered down the road as needs may change.

Depending on what you choose, a plan can be developed to accommodate and provide the needed level of security that will match your individual living situation.

  • Independent Living Plans: Includes housekeeping, regular maintenance of your home, and access to all amenities on or off campus.
  • Assisted Living Plans: Includes assistance with your day-to-day activities by our friendly and professional caregivers. The fully customizable care plans give you the opportunity to create a custom plan that meets your needs.
  • Memory Care Living: Provides housing plans designed to accommodate the specific needs related to mild to moderate dementia. Our specially trained staff will be available and will help to reduce stress for these residents while maintaining their independence and individuality for as long as possible.

Our programs are designed to give you, the residents of Viamonte, control over your independence while still offering care when you need it. It’s peace of mind for you and your loved ones knowing that no matter what the future brings, our staff and facilities are able to handle it.


The programs that we offer at Viamonte are as equally enriching as they are enjoyable. One of the best aspects of living in this community is that these senior programs can be enjoyed on AND off campus.

The resident’s programs give you full access to various activities happening around the San Francisco Bay Area. Viamonte gives all tastes and interests the chance to experience whatever they desire – but all within walking distance or a short drive.

Some of these one-of-a-kind features include:

  • The club room and terrace is a great place for residents to mingle and discuss similar topics while remaining on campus and the view from the terrace is just as interesting as the discussions you’ll have!
  • Dining isn’t something we take lightly. With a plethora of menu options to choose from and the option to dine outside (can’t go wrong with al fresco), you can create the perfect dining experience wherever you like, with whatever food suits your current mood.
  • Having easy access to an active lifestyle is something that we, at Viamonte, have made a top priority for our residents. With a state of the art wellness and fitness center located just steps from your front door in addition to a bocce court, you can curate an active lifestyle that will fit perfectly into your everyday life.
  • If relaxation is what you prefer then a spa day isn’t far from reach. With an onsite spa, you will be able to remove any tension that you may have (if there even is any left once your a resident at Viamonte) and replace it with ease and care.

These enriching activities don’t stop here.

  • Mahjong, Bridge, and Scrabble are fan favorites in our card/game room where you can enjoy a fun night with friends.
  • Viamonte doesn’t leave any interest or hobbies out. We even give residents easy access to arts and culture. With an on-campus performance center and a short drive to local theaters and art centers, residents will be asking, “When’s the next show!”.

With a complete curriculum of on and off campus activities, with Viamonte you will always find something to do that will match well with your preferred lifestyle and can be completely customized to your own individual interests.


Having everything you want in a senior living community doesn’t have to be hard to find. At Viamonte we aim to make this your new home and a place you can spend the rest of your life.

To learn more about Viamonte’s customizable living accommodations, you can visit our website.

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