How a Life Plan Community Will Keep You Active

Staying healthy in retirement involves so much more than exercising. Brisk walks and fun games of bocce are great activities, of course, and great for the heart — but creating a retirement lifestyle that promotes your physical wellbeing calls for an overall approach of physical, mental, and social activity. The goal is to put the “active” in “active senior living,” and staying connected to your passions and to others around you is a great way to do this.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can exercise your mental and physical health and give yourself valuable boosts of energy and excitement during retirement — as well as the advantages of residing in an active senior living community like Viamonte at Walnut Creek, where the options for staying active and continuing to do the things you love has never been easier.

The importance of staying active in retirement

The science behind aging clearly shows the benefits of being active and socially connected, as opposed to isolated and sedentary. Exercise and physical activity have positive effects on your bones, muscles, joints, heart, and brain — and mental and social stimulation have been shown to prevent memory loss and reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Unfortunately, what many retirees find when they age in place (living in their longtime home as opposed to moving to a senior living community) is that life at home can become increasingly isolating and inactive. This tends to happen because seniors living in their longtime homes tend to participate in fewer social engagements and activities, and access to exercise centers and programs can also be limited.

This is why so many retirees love senior living and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), because these communities are exactly the opposite; They encourage residents to be physically and socially engaged, to enjoy activities they love and try new ones, and to take advantage of everything each day has to offer. 

Ways to stay active in retirement

At CCRCs, also referred to as life plan communities, it’s easy to maintain an active lifestyle because you have access to so many resources and activities, and because the community around you is so supportive and like-minded. 

These communities offer a complete range of services, amenities, and programming for residents — such as fitness and wellness centers, swimming pools, walking and jogging paths, hobby and game rooms, entertainment centers, art studios, continuing education classrooms, social clubs, religious centers, and more.

These lifestyle enhancements are simply easier to access for seniors who choose retirement community living over aging in place. There’s so much to do at CCRCs, especially when those communities are well-connected to nearby shopping, dining, and nature. And, because they have vibrant social networks where residents make new and lasting friendships, many retirees actually find they become more social at their senior living communities than they have been in years.

Active social distancing

Naturally, social distancing restrictions have made things more complicated for seniors — but there are still plenty of ways to stay safe and active at a retirement community, such as taking advantage of pristine natural spaces and walking paths, outdoor social and dining areas, and other safe spaces to interact from a responsible distance. 


CCRCs like Viamonte put their residents’ health and wellbeing ahead of all other priorities, and they take every precaution to ensure that safe and sanitary protocols are established and practiced throughout the community. 

Active senior living at Viamonte

At Viamonte — a bold vision in retirement living that places residents at the intersection of nature and culture — you can discover a truly active lifestyle ideal for physical, mental, and social fulfillment during your retirement years.

Viamonte is at the very center of the type of lives active retirees want to live. What’s so great about the location? Residents will be able to walk to The Orchards, a vibrant shopping, dining, and social center. They’ll be able to easily visit downtown Walnut Creek via the neighborhood shuttle, or explore the best the Bay Area has to offer via the nearby BART station. (If social distancing restrictions are eased by grand opening, residents will be able to enjoy the full benefits of this special surrounding area.)

On top of that, Viamonte’s campus will feature a bounty of top-class amenities. Among these are:

  • Exercise options like the bocce court, pool and spa, and state-of-the-art wellness and fitness centers
  • Diverse dining options at the restaurant, bistro bar, and alfresco and private dining areas
  • Social areas such as the outside fireside lounge, gas-fired grill area, club room and terrace, and card and game room
  • Spaces for entertainment and cultural enrichment like the art studio, technology center, exhibition kitchen, and performance venue

Adding to these amenities are Viamonte’s exceptional services, which — in addition to perks like housekeeping and maintenance — will include comprehensive wellness programs, transportation to nearby attractions, and recreational, social, and educational programs to help residents live life to its fullest. Among these resident programs are fitness classes, book clubs, current events discussion groups, lectures, movies, art classes, workshops, gardening, games, excursions, and more.

How to take action

To learn more about Viamonte or schedule a time to visit the Preview Center and model home, visit the Viamonte website or call 925-621-6600.

The Cost of Senior Living

Living at a CCRC, or a Continuing Care Retirement Community, means that all of your necessities will be in one place. Your current day to day activities and responsibilities likely require a lot of time, effort and – yes, you guessed it – money. In senior independent living, your responsibilities can be streamlined, providing you with a carefree lifestyle that you deserve during your retirement years.

While there are many factors that need to be considered when thinking about moving into a senior living community, also known as a Life Plan community, we understand that your finances may be in the forefront of your plans.

We’re here to help you understand what senior living fees include. When looking into a Life Plan community, consider your everyday expenses and compare them to everything you’ll get out of the community. You may find that it’s either less money, or more comparable to what you expected in the first place.

Understanding Independent Living

One of the best ways to explain the costs to you is to first explain the various models. CCRC’s independent housing is the first step in a spectrum of housing options. These different models include independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care. Most Life Plan Communities are designed for those who are able to live independently when they move in but want the security of knowing changing needs can be met as they age, without having to relocate. 

Consider Your Current Costs

Residents pay a fee to stay at a Life Plan community, but it may not be as costly as you think. Consider how much you’re currently spending living at your home now. Think of ALL of your expenses – such as a mortgage payment or the monthly cost of utilities. You’re spending money to buy your day-to-day essentials, from the groceries you consume to the appliances you utilize. 

Owning your home also means you’re in charge should anything need fixing or replacing – dishwasher or refrigerator repairs or replacements are very costly. Outside your home, you may pay for yard care, landscaping, or even snow removal.

And aside from the price of the aforementioned is the biggest cost of all: the valuable time you’re spending on upkeep.

The many monthly expenses you’re dealing with add up over time, but in a CCRC, they’re included in the price. There are also regular fees you have currently that you won’t have to pay when living in a senior living community. Costs such as property insurance and property tax will either drastically decrease or disappear completely. Depending on location, you may even choose to live in a community without a vehicle if all you need is in close proximity, forfeiting those expenses as well.

Senior Living Cost Models

So what types of costs are we talking about? Depending on what Life Plan community you choose, you may pay a one-time entry fee. After paying the entry fee, members are then responsible for a fixed monthly fee for their membership. Hearing these costs may make living in a CCRC sound more expensive than staying home, however, many find that their monthly expenses have gone down since moving to a CCRC.

Get Specific About Your Costs

If you’re considering making the move to a senior living community but aren’t sure about it financially, we have some tips that may help you.

  • Start keeping track of your spending at home. The best way to find out your current costs is to keep a detailed list of everything you purchase and every bill you pay. 
  • Make sure to list if and how often appliances need to be serviced or replaced. Many people find that the small services required around the home tend to add up quickly.
  • Pay close attention to how much your groceries cost. The dining options offered typically provide a lot of bang for your buck at a senior living community.
  • Keep track of all entertainment and leisure activities. One of the best parts about senior living is all the fun programs offered to residents. You’ll have unlimited access to revisit old hobbies and learn new ones.
  • Don’t forget to include copays and health-related costs. The services and amenities offered in CCRC’s healthcare typically provide more than traditional doctor’s offices. The option for a continuum of care is always available as well, should you need it.

Once you add up your current expenses, compare that to the monthly fee at whichever Life Plan community you are considering. Make sure to find out what is covered in the monthly fee, so that you can compare. 

At Viamonte, the monthly fee covers:

  • Club-style dining
  • Bistro bar and alfresco dining
  • Housekeeping
  • Linen Service
  • Utilities – heating, air conditioning, water and electricity
  • Cable television
  • Wi-Fi and internet access
  • Secure parking
  • Concierge
  • Residence, building and grounds maintenance
  • Comprehensive wellness programs
  • Recreational, social, and educational programs
  • Transportation
  • Additional storage

Viamonte at Walnut Creek will offer a comfortable lifestyle, ensuring you have all you need from dining and activities, to fitness, wellness and healthcare. To discuss the costs of senior living at Viamonte, visit our website or call us at 925-621-6600.

Why Choosing a CCRC is the Healthiest Choice

When you think about your life after retirement, what do you prioritize? Happiness? Health and wellness? What about all of the above? The goal of a continuing care retirement community, or CCRC, is to provide its members with everything they need all in one place. You’ll be able to enjoy the privacy you’re used to, while also having the peace of mind that you’re taken care of should your health needs require it. 

What Can I Expect at a CCRC?

There is no one size fits all approach to a senior lifestyle, as every individual ages differently with different needs and interests. And at many CCRCs, you will find that there are various options available for you to choose the best fit. CCRCs are age-restricted communities that offer a continuum of care that includes a combination of independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing, all in one place.

For example, Viamonte at Walnut Creek’s Continuum of Care approach means that we’re dedicated to serving seniors in need of various types of healthcare. As you or your loved one’s health needs change with age, Viamonte will adapt with them. You’ll have the security that comes from knowing care will always be available – right within your own private home in the community, for carefree senior living.

CCRCs are also known to be the fiscally responsible option, as health care costs typically fall under an umbrella. Medical bills can build up over time and become astronomical if health issues continue to rise as you age. 

Lancaster Online puts it simply that “they generally fall under three categories: an entrance fee model with contract; a rental model, which has no entrance fee but also offers no coverage for the cost of assisted living or nursing services; and an equity co-op, where residents buy and own their units.”

Each CCRC handles payment models differently, so make sure you understand the costs when researching different communities. 

Why is Living at a CCRC the Best Choice?

You can live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. The best place to retire means something different for everyone. However, many find that a CCRC provides the privacy you desire, with many conveniences on site. You’ll also be a part of a welcoming neighborhood where relationships flourish and social activity is a part of daily life. 

Living at a CCRC allows you to make the decisions about what to do with your time. It provides you with opportunities and resources you may not have had access to if you remained at home, such as daily hobbies and events to participate in. 

Viamonte offers an all-encompassing calendar of programs for both mental and physical health and wellness. There’s something for everyone, from arts and culture, to fitness and exercise, and many clubs and programs for all. 

What Will Viamonte Offer?

Beyond Viamonte’s on-site activities, members can choose from many different floor plans designed for various lifestyles. Members also have access to luxury amenities from a tranquil, rejuvenating spa and fitness facility to gourmet dining venues.

And those who join Viamonte can also take advantage of the lively Walnut Creek area, enjoying concerts, lectures and excursions to museums and performances.

The neighborhood shuttle is always available for a trip downtown or to the nearby BART station to access all that awaits you in the Bay Area, from the symphony and ballet to museums, restaurants and stadiums.

Of course, there is typically an adjustment period when first moving to a CCRC. It’s a major life change, however, many residents settle in quickly. They adapt to their new way of life, seek out new hobbies and make new friends and relationships. This is why we encourage you to visit Viamonte in person and see it for yourself. If you think Viamonte could be the right move for you or your loved one, visit our website or call us at 925-621-6600.

The Importance of Self-Care after 60

When you think about your day to day tasks and your responsibilities as you get older, you may find that you put your own self-care pretty far down on that list. Maybe it’s not even on the list at all. But self-care is more important after 60 than ever before. Now is the time to focus on yourself, connect with your mind and soul, and keep your body healthy to make sure the upcoming years are the best ones yet.

We know it’s easier said than done, that’s why at Viamonte at Walnut Creek, it’s our goal to make it easy for you to put yourself first. The lifestyle at this senior living community is forming to present endless opportunities to take care of your mind, body, and soul for your health and your happiness — and to have an amazing experience everyday. 


Healthy living starts with a healthy mind. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so prioritizing that will make all the difference when it comes to your day to day life. Stress and anxiety can creep in, clouding your mind and even weighing heavily on your body. Find what works for you and your mental health, and continue practicing it to keep your mind clear and your soul free. Consider the following tips for a starting point.

Get outside.

The joy of fresh air and the simple pleasure of nature has been known to bring clarity to the mind. Being outside boosts levels of Vitamin D, which can improve the immune system and also encourage a more positive outlook. Studies have shown that those who spent thirty minutes outdoors daily were overall happier, showing less negative symptoms and better self-reported functioning.

Find a creative outlet. 

Your time has freed up now that you’re retired, so you can focus on things you really want to do. Have you always wanted to paint a picture, learn to play music, or get involved in theater? Go after what speaks to you. Engaging in an activity you feel passionate about will keep the mind sharp and fresh. A few of the programs that will be offered at Viamonte at Walnut Creek include:

  • Book clubs
  • Current events discussion groups
  • Educational classes
  • Lectures
  • Movies
  • Art classes
  • Gardening
  • Craft workshops
  • Computer classes
  • Resident-sponsored clubs
  • Bridge, board and card games

Spend some time in the spa.

When all else fails – hit the spa. At Viamonte at Walnut Creek, you’ll have full access to the spa for the ultimate relaxation experience.


Physical fitness can prevent many diseases and illnesses, and can also help fight others faster. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes many benefits of physical activity, including the following:

  • Reduces the risk of falling and fracturing bones.
  • Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetes.
  • Can help reduce blood pressure in some people with hypertension.
  • Helps maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
  • Helps control joint swelling and pain associated with arthritis.

You know how crucial exercise is to your health, but you may be unclear on how to go about it. We understand it may be overwhelming at first, that’s why we provide you with everything you need to make exercise a part of your life. At Viamonte at Walnut Creek, you’ll have access to a state-of-the-art fitness facility, complete with brand new workout equipment, as well as the direction that will guide you to stay physically active. The various fitness programs will give you plenty of options so you can choose something you love. 

And you don’t have to worry about ruining all your hard work by eating an unhealthy meal because the dining options will feature nutritious meals. Seasonal menus will include daily and local specialties to ensure you’ll never get bored of the onsite dining prepared by a gourmet chef and a skilled culinary team. Invite your friends or family to dine with you.


And at the end of the day – you can work your mind, you can work your body, but a fulfilled soul can make all the difference in your health and wellness. Think about what you need to feel happiness deep down. 

Maybe it’s interacting with others, creating long-lasting relationships and nurturing the ones you have now. The community at Viamonte at Walnut Creek that’s being cultivated right now is on its way to being welcoming and tight-knit, with numerous opportunities everyday to bond with others and participate in events and programs. 

Just like relationships, your environment can bring you peace and awaken your soul. At Viamonte, the scenery is calming and the views are vast. Residents will have the luxury to step outside and be surrounded by beauty. 

And when you’re ready to venture outside the community, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the areas outside of Viamonte. Explore the attractions of beautiful downtown Walnut Creek, travel to the Bay Area for the rich culture, or enjoy the nearby trails of Mt. Diablo.

It’s your time to start focusing on yourself, and we’ll make it easy here at Viamonte at Walnut Creek. Find out more information to find out if this could be the right move for you or your loved one by visiting our website or calling us at 925-621-6600.

Walnut Creek: An Active Community for Active Seniors

The best retirement communities celebrate your independence and allow you to live a carefree life. It’s your time to focus on what matters most to you — from spending time with loved ones and cultivating new friendships, to dedicating yourself to your favorite hobbies and getting involved with new ones.

Carefree senior living also means being immersed in a brand new community with places to explore. At Viamonte at Walnut Creek, there are many opportunities for living an active and exciting life. Beyond the many activities offered on site, the surrounding Bay Area is full of history, beauty, and adventure. 

Learning about the area surrounding Viamonte at Walnut Creek is part of what makes the senior living community so special. Find out what you could be missing out on below. 

Get Outside

An active lifestyle is crucial as you age, but exercise can be challenging for some. The trick is to get involved in a physical activity you enjoy, and hiking can be a life-changer for many.  

Nature is good for the soul and there’s no denying the beauty of Walnut Creek. Home to 22 state parks and 2,700 acres of open space, it serves as the perfect setting to clear your mind and get some exercise. 

Shell Ridge Open Space 

Shell Ridge Open Space is a grassland and forest area that features 31 miles of trails. Make a few your favorite or continue going back for different sights and scenery each time. And when you’ve exhausted the trails, there are fishing ponds, as well as a playground. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a few cattle grazing in the grassy areas. 

Shell Ridge Open Space is located on 1035 Castle Rock Rd and spans 1,420 acres. 

Acalanes Ridge

Go for the hiking — stay for the views. Acalanes Ridge has short hiking opportunities for those who aren’t interested in a long day of hiking, but still want to take in all the beauty that  California has to offer. The ridgeline provides incredible 360-degree views of the Carquinez Strait, the delta, and Mount Diablo. 

Acalanes Ridge is located at Sousa Drive in Walnut Creek, above the Interstate 680 and Highway 24 intersection. 

Get in the Game

There’s no shortage of friendly competition in Walnut Creek, if sports are your forte. Walnut Creek Seniors Club has a full list of sports to get involved with to keep muscles strong, your joints stretched, and your competitive spirit high. 

Tennis, pickleball, softball, bowling, and skiing are just some of the sports offered at this club. These types of activities for seniors are beneficial for your body, but also keep your mind sharp.

Get Out of Town

Viamonte being nestled in a unique place like Walnut Creek is cozy, comfortable, and beautiful. But for an exciting adventure or places to explore with friends or family, there are options nearby. Visit neighboring cities for a change of scenery and personal enrichment.


Oakland is located on the east side of the San Francisco Bay, just about 13 miles from Walnut Creek. It’s home to the Jack London Square, as well as restored Victorian architecture and boutiques. 

Visit the Oakland Zoo for native and exotic animals, Lake Merritt for walks and picnics, or around uptown to take in the art deco Fox and Paramount theaters, as well as many restaurants and galleries.  

San Francisco

San Francisco is located about 21 miles from Walnut Creek. Tourists flock to this city to take in all the sights — from the famous Golden Gate Bridge, to the notorious prison on Alcatraz Island, and the food and music at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Think Outside the Box Within Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is home to hidden gems scattered throughout to bring adventure and excitement into your life. These locations are special to Walnut Creek, making it the unique city that it is. Check out what you could have right in your backyard.

Borges Ranch

For the history lovers, Borges Ranch is the perfect example of an early 20th century central California cattle ranch. Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the original buildings and structures still exist today, which include the Borges family home. Witness the barns, corrals, outbuildings, blacksmith, and antique farm equipment and imagine when they were bustling with purpose long ago. Goats, chickens, pigs, and sheep are still on the premises today, managed by the Pleasant Hill 4-H.

Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery

Put two green thumbs up and take a visit to the world-renowned Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery. The 3.5-acregarden features a collection of succulents; a combination of traditional and unique, as well as drought-tolerant plants from around the world. Learn about who Ruth Bancroft was and how she led the pack in drought-tolerant gardening.

The beautiful garden also features in-bloom flowers every season, teaching the general public about plant structure and texture.

Mount Diablo State Park

Mount Diablo State Park is one of the most popular outdoor areas in the East Bay. The iconic Mount Diablo mountain is a must-see, reaching up to a peak of 3,849 feet. This peak is a part of the Diablo Range and is visible from most of the Bay Area so chances are you’ve already caught a glimpse from afar.

Take in all the views the summit has to offer from the observation deck, while learning about Mount Diablo’s fascinating history and its role in Native American mythology. 

You and your loved ones understand that choosing a place to settle down is more than just the immediate community. It’s about the neighborhood, the city, and the surrounding areas that you can rely on, and be proud to be a part of. Find out if Viamonte at Walnut Creek is the right fit for you.

Finding Your Community After Retirement

A lot of people root themselves in an area because it’s where their support system is. It’s settling when friends are just a phone call away for lunch or when family is around the corner in case of emergencies. What makes a place feel like home is the reassurance that it’s near the people you care about. 

Finding like-minded people can take time, and the thought of having to move away from the relationships you spent years fostering can be stressful. You may be thinking, “how do I even make friends as an adult in a new place?” When you were younger you had the built-in social opportunities of things like school, extracurricular activities, and sports to meet new faces, but how does it work when you’re in your retirement years? 

If you’re moving to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) away from your “tribe,” you may find yourself in the situation of wanting to meet some new people to spend time with. It’s certainly possible to find a new community in your retirement years. It’s just going to take a little more planning and effort on your end to put yourself out there again.

The good news is you’re entering a community of people who are in the same situation as you, so embrace the change and new cast of characters about to enter your life. Your retirement years also provide you the time to take on new hobbies or volunteer opportunities that will open you up to entirely new social networks along the way. Viamonte at Walnut Creek residents will have no shortage of both on-site and nearby amenities and attractions to host friends, old and new. 

Where to Start When You’re the New Resident

It’s nerve-racking to be the “new kid.” After you’re settled in your new apartment, start local! Give your immediate neighbors’ doors a knock and introduce yourselves to some of the many new faces you’ll be seeing around your new CCRC community. They’ll likely have some insider tips if they moved in before you that you’ll want to take note of. Get some recommendations for local hotspots and invite them along to join you! 

One of the many wonderful things about a senior living community is that the staff will put together a thoughtful calendar of activities and/or events where members have the opportunity to come together and mingle. There’s no excuse not to put yourself out there when someone handles the scheduling for you! Take advantage of those activities when they come up. Chances are your CCRC will even be open to ideas for future events. Viamonte at Walnut Creek residents will also have access to a ton of on-site amenities like an outdoor fireside lounge, gas-fired grill area, bocce court, art studio, pool and game room, among others. There is no shortage of hosting areas if you want a low-key hangout right at home. The options are plentiful.

Benefits of Maintaining Relationships at a CCRC

Studies show that friendship is more important than ever in your retirement years. Social connectedness is key to healthy aging. People with larger social networks have been shown to live longer, cope better with health conditions, experience less depression, and have a slower rate of memory decline, among other benefits. 

Even the most introverted of us needs a little company now and then. You’ll need a friend to adventure with, especially if you’re moving to a senior living community that’s in a brand new place for you. There will be so much to explore––places to see, things to do, food to eat––that you’ll want to have someone you can call up and bring along as you familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood. 

Making the Most of the Surrounding Area

Viamonte is situated within The Orchards, a bustling multi-generational retail and dining center just minutes from downtown Walnut Creek, and with all the incomparable resources of the Bay Area nearby, you have a rich roster of activities right at your fingertips.

Set some social goals. Make an effort to try a new restaurant each week or take a trip to some local attractions like The Gardens at Heather Farm, the Broadway Plaza, the Ruth Bancroft Garden, or Lesher Center for the Arts. The neighborhood shuttle also allows you to venture downtown or to the nearby BART station to access the treasure and pleasures of the Bay Area, from the symphony and ballet to museums, restaurants and stadiums. 

Also explore some activities outside your CCRC. If you currently are involved with something like an art class or exercise class each week where you currently live, explore options to do the same in Walnut Creek. Find those similar communities that you loved before relocating. Getting involved in your community is one of the best ways to make friends.

Making new friends might take a little bit of time as you adjust to your new home and life stage, but embrace the process and benefits it will bring to both your emotional and physical well-being!

Maintaining an Independent Lifestyle at a CCRC

As you grow older and look toward retirement, your priorities start to become more clear. You know how you want to spend your time and you want to make those decisions yourself. Moving into a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) can provide you with the opportunity and freedom to pursue the hobbies and the lifestyle you want, without the burden of the everyday responsibilities that go along with homeownership. 

It’s a common misconception that seniors won’t be able to live the private, independent lives they desire when moving into a continuing care retirement community. But after learning a little more about this type of community, you may find it’s even easier to live an independent lifestyle at a CCRC than by aging in place.

Viamonte at Walnut Creek is an independent living community with an emphasis on arts and culture, fitness and wellness, continuing education, community events and much more. Just minutes from downtown Walnut Creek and a short distance from the Bay Area, residents live a carefree lifestyle with so much opportunity at their fingertips.

If you’re considering your options post-retirement, understand how a CCRC, also known as a life plan community, can fulfill the independent lifestyle you’ve been seeking. 

What is a CCRC? 

The term “retirement community” is antiquated — as is the way of living from the past, where all seniors were treated the same in these types of communities. CCRCs have come a long way, and seniors are now catered to based on their needs and interests.

Research has also shown that residents of a CCRC or life plan community are overall happier than those who choose to remain in their own homes. Mather LifeWays, Chicago-based non-denominational not-for-profit organization focused on improving the lives of older adults, conducted a study with Northwestern University to explore seniors’ experiences in CCRCs. 

One response stated, “Residents who live in CCRCs with 300 or more residents reported higher life satisfaction, better mood, more positive perceptions of aging, less stress, and higher perceived control over their lives, as compared to the control group.”

At Viamonte, residents have the freedom to make all their own choices, from what kind of place they’d like to live in and what their floor plan will look like, down to what they eat at every meal. And should they need health care and assistance in the future, that option is available as well. 

What to Expect in an Independent Lifestyle at Viamonte

Your independence starts with your own home. You’ll enjoy the privacy you’ve always desired with close to 200 beautifully appointed and architecturally distinctive homes from which to choose. You’ll have your own space, an independent atmosphere to do with as you wish.

Floor plans include an option of one or two bedrooms, with the option of a den as well. Three interior design packages are also offered so you can select hardwood cabinetry, large walk-in closets, in-suite washer and dryer, and stainless steel appliances. 

The robust calendar of programs at Viamonte will allow you to get involved with the activities you’ve always wanted. While you’ll be keeping your brain active and sharp by creating arts and crafts or reading books and getting involved in discussions, you’ll also have the opportunity to make lifelong friends in the midst of it. 

And with all the fitness classes and wellness programs, your independent lifestyle will be an active one to keep your body in top shape, while also clearing your mind.

Making the Most of Your Surroundings

Another unique offering of Viamonte’s is the rich community it’s situated in, and the endless adventures it promises. The neighborhood shuttle will take you to downtown Walnut Creek, while the nearby BART station will take you to the Bay Area. 

Walnut Creek itself has a full calendar of events to participate in no matter what season or holidays are celebrated. Shop stores and boutiques, and enjoy exquisite cuisine from all types of restaurants sure to satiate any appetite.                                                   

The Bay Area is just a short trip away when you’re looking to explore further. Check out everything from the symphony and ballet to museums, restaurants and stadiums.

Regardless of what type of independent lifestyle you’re looking for, Viamonte at Walnut Creek will set the perfect setting for that vision. The choices are yours, but Viamonte makes it possible. 

If you think you may be interested in learning more about this CCRC, visit our website to get a better understanding of all Viamonte has to offer. Or come visit for a preview.

Why Downsizing is Really a Life Upgrade


As you grow older, the most important parts of your life typically don’t take up too much space. Many CCRC’s, also known as a Life Plan Communities, have spacious options for you and all of your belongings, but many seniors opt to downsize for a number of reasons. And while this looks different for everyone, freeing up space to allow for a better flow of energy can never hurt. So if you are considering downsizing when planning for your future, you may find yourself making room for health, freedom, and spending time with loved ones.

Some benefits of moving into a Life Plan Community are obvious – you won’t have to take care of a home, easy access to healthcare – but there are added bonuses you may not have considered. 

Joining Viamonte at Walnut Creek will allow community members to stretch their retirement and minimize their housing expenses and maintenance. Read on to learn more about if it’s the right move for you or your family member.

Downsizing Gives You the Financial Freedom You Crave

Moving to a CCRC allows you to save money that you’d otherwise be spending on your mortgage, repairs, and everyday household items. And the sooner you start your move to the CCRC, the sooner you can start saving. With the money you’re saving on household items, you’ll have more to spend on experiences and activities.

A recent study by ARCO focused on setting standards for retirement communities, surveyed residents of a CCRC. The study notes that “having less need for property maintenance, access to communal facilities and availability of 24-hour support and domiciliary care on-site were the main reasons given for moving to a Retirement Community.”

And it’s not just the cost that people move for – it’s also the upkeep that’s time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Moving into an independent senior living community will allow you to spend your time and money on what means the most to you.

Increased Sense of Well Being

Residents understand that when staying at a CCRC, their health and wellness is at the forefront of their days. The community they’re a part of is dedicated to ensuring their minds and bodies are taken care of.

The ARCO study also found that residents of retirement communities, such as a CCRC, are substantially happier, healthier, and have a greater overall sense of well-being than their counterparts who opt to remain in their current home.


Independent living at a CCRC allows residents to operate independently, while also providing the convenience of necessities within arm’s reach. Viamonte’s continuum of care means residents have the security of knowing they’ll be taken care of should they need extra attention as the years go on. 

Assisted Living is designed for those who require help with daily activities. Their customized care plans will be carried out by compassionate caregivers within the residents’ homes. Viamonte’s Memory Care Center is available for those dealing with mild to moderate dementia. 

Quality of Life Factor

The study shows that a majority of residents (55%) agreed or strongly agreed that their quality of life was higher now than a year ago – four times as many of them said this as compared to non-residents. 

The factors that contribute to a higher quality of life span far and wide, from cultivating relationships with others to providing opportunities to get involved in programs. Viamonte even offers wellness programs and fitness classes to ensure residents stay on top of their health. 

Steps to Take to Prepare for Your Move

You may be considering downsizing in the far future, but it’s never too early to take steps to prepare for this life event. By starting early, you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed down the line.

Take the following items into consideration when preparing to downsize. 

Don’t over-save for the next generation.

Be generous in your giving. There are many people who aren’t fortunate enough to have some of the belongings you have. Consider donating to good causes so that others can use some things that you are no longer using. Around the holidays you’ll find many drives and events where donations are requested.

Be thoughtful with new purchases. 

You don’t want to be purchasing new things just to look to downsize in the future. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy anything new, but start to adopt the lifestyle that if you purchase something new, give one old item away. 

Purge paperwork

You may have files of important paperwork saved up, and it’s best to get ahead of going through these items. When you start, you’ll probably realize that you’ve been holding onto a lot of paperwork that you no longer have a need for.  

Downsizing doesn’t have to be a scary experience, in fact, the majority of residents currently living in a CCRC believe they’re happier overall. And at Viamonte at Walnut Creek, the friendly and professional staff, amenities and services all contribute to this wonderful community. 

To learn more about Viamonte at Walnut Creek, contact us at 925-621-6600. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and to arrange for you to visit our Preview Center and model home. Visit our website to learn more about your options.

Exploring the Jewel of the East Bay – Senior Living in Walnut Creek

If you or a loved one are considering a move to a senior living community or Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), many factors have an effect on which place is the right place—and one of the factors that many seniors overlook is location.

Today’s modern seniors don’t want to live in an isolated community with no connection to the surrounding area. They want to be in the middle of things, with happening neighborhoods and metropolitan areas nearby, so there’s never a shortage of things to do or places to explore. 

Located in the “Jewel of the East Bay,” the senior living community Viamonte at Walnut Creek offers the best that Northern California lifestyle has to offer. Just 30 minutes from Oakland and roughly an hour from San Francisco and San Jose, Viamonte puts residents close to three blossoming cities—among numerous other coastal areas and natural parks. Beyond all that, Viamonte’s residents get to call Walnut Creek home.

Because of its proximity and access to multiple forms of public transit, no senior living community compares with Viamonte at Walnut Creek. The CCRC is part of The Orchards at Walnut Creek, a dynamic mixed-use lifestyle center that features the finest architectural and landscaping designs. It also features a state-of-the-art grocery store, retail shops, and unique outdoor social spaces—so Viamonte and its residents will stay an integral part of all the exciting things going on in the area.

To learn everything Walnut Creek has to offer, and why it’s an ideal location, read on!

Everything at Your Doorstep

Viamonte is situated alongside shaded woodlands under the peak of Mt. Diablo, providing a tranquil, natural setting for residents to enjoy every day. The community is also located just minutes from the bustling multi-generational retail, dining, and social center of downtown Walnut Creek, CA. Because of this, Viamonte puts you at the intersection of nature and culture, to revel in the best of both worlds of California living.

To access Walnut Creek, you can take the neighborhood shuttle to get downtown with ease, or you take the shuttle to the nearby Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station, which can bring you to all the pleasures of the Bay Area.

In your own backyard, you’ll have The Orchards, with all the essentials for daily life—banking, salons, dry cleaning, electronics stores, groceries, several restaurants featuring diverse cuisines, and, of course, a Starbucks.

Then there’s downtown Walnut Creek, a pristine area that consistently attracts visitors from all over the Bay Area and beyond. You can stroll down Main Street’s local boutiques, or shop in Broadway Plaza’s upscale stores. The town boasts more than 100 restaurants and over 200 stores—so whatever you’re in the mood for, Walnut Creek has it. 

Walnut Creek has been voted the best shopping town in the East Bay in the past, and it’s made Livability’s top 10 Best Foodie Cities. Want to play golf, listen to some jazz, or attend a wine tasting? This is your place.

Walnut Creek is famous for top-class events, such as the annual Walnut Creek Chamber Art & Wine Festival, which will celebrate its 39th consecutive year in 2020. And the town and surrounding East Bay area host all kinds of goings-on, from sporting events to book signings, fairs, farmer’s markets, volunteer efforts, conferences, and more.

Never a Dull Moment

With all this surrounding Viamonte at Walnut Creek you can truly live the life you enjoy and envision at this CCRC designed for modern seniors. There really is no limit to the possibilities surrounding Viamonte, which makes it a special place to live. And that’s before you even factor in the facilities, services, amenities, and care available to Viamonte residents.

With all that the senior living community, Walnut Creek, and the Bay Area have to offer, life at Viamonte at Walnut Creek truly is unique. You could be perfectly happy without ever leaving the campus or The Orchards—there’s still so much to do! But you could also spend time every week visiting downtown Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, or any of the other destinations easily accessible via shuttle and the BART rail system. 

Not to mention all the opportunities for sightseeing and exploration in nature, such as Walnut Creek’s 22 state parks, 2,700 acres of open space, and the nearby Mt. Diablo State Park.

What’s Next?

Whether you choose to stay close to home or broaden your horizons, the Walnut Creek location of Viamonte places you at the exact center of the life you want to live. To learn more or to experience Northern California’s premier senior living community, contact Viamonte at Walnut Creek to visit the Preview Center and model home before going to explore the surrounding area. Call Viamonte at 925-621-6600, or learn more on our website.

The Continuum of Care at Viamonte, From the Comfort of Your Home

When seniors begin considering their options for the future, it can be difficult to know where to start. Viamonte at Walnut Creek understands the concern and exists to provide an environment where seniors can embrace their independence and freedom, with everything they need right at their fingertips.

There are so many factors to be considered as we age that it can be overwhelming–from the pressures of staying healthy, to having access to healthcare when we need it. Becoming a part of a Continuing Care Retirement Community addresses these concerns for you, all while allowing you to have total control of your life, in your own space.

Viamonte at Walnut Creek is a new vision in retirement living in California, with shops and restaurants in walking distance, and views of the Mount Diablo peaks. Read on to find out if Viamonte could be the right fit for you or your loved one’s future.

Viamonte’s Continuum of Care

Viamonte’s Continuum of Care means that we’re dedicated to serving seniors, no matter what type of care they’re in need of. As you or your loved one’s needs adapt and change as they age, Viamonte will adapt with them.

You’ll have the security that comes from knowing care will always be available – right within your own, private home in the community, for carefree senior living.

Care Options for All

You know how you want to live your life, and we want to serve as the perfect setting for you to do just that. Several different senior care options are available for a wide range of lifestyles, featuring the following:

Independent Living

Individuals and couples live independently in their own spacious home, which includes features and services such as maintenance and housekeeping. From the comfort of their residence, they have access to, and are free to explore, the full range of lifestyle, amenities, educational and entertainment programming and resources Viamonte offers.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living services are provided at Viamonte for residents who need help with daily activities. Residents who require Assisted Living continue to enjoy many of the same culinary, recreational and learning opportunities as those in Independent Living, while receiving the benefit of customized care plans and the attention of compassionate caregivers which can be provided within the comfort of their own home.

Memory Care

Our Memory Care Center offers furnished rooms designed for residents with mild to moderate dementia, such as Alzheimer’s or similar conditions. The goal of our specially trained staff is to minimize stress for residents and to help them maintain their independence and individuality for as long as possible.

And for extra peace of mind, contained within every Continuing Care Residency Agreement with Viamonte is our enduring promise. This is a promise that, in the unlikely event your resources become exhausted, you will not be asked to leave the community. To learn more about this benefit, contact us for access to the Viamonte Residence and Care Agreement.

Maintain Freedom as You Age

As the body ages, it has a great impact on how we think and feel. According to University Health News Daily, it’s important to remain social, exercise our brains, and seek medical help as needed to battle depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other conditions that can cause a feeling of hopelessness.

Viamonte provides seniors the resources they need to be independent in their life, while also having access to endless opportunities. These opportunities encourage them to live a healthy, active lifestyle and make lasting friendships, which will in turn will help them feel happier.

Live the Life You Want at Viamonte

Because participating in enjoyable activities and engaging with others is so crucial to seniors, Viamonte offers a robust calendar of programs to stimulate, entertain and inform. There’s something for everyone, with an emphasis on arts and culture, fitness and wellness, continuing education, community events, and clubs and programs.

Beyond Viamonte’s on-site activities, seniors can also take advantage of the lively Walnut Creek area. Residents will enjoy classes, concerts and lectures as well as excursions to museums and performances in Walnut Creek and beyond.

Residents can take a brief stroll to The Orchards where a vibrant world of convenient shopping, dining and socializing awaits. The grocery store is also right within walking distance when you need to pick up a carton of milk and eggs. You’ll also have the opportunity to take in nature and the great outdoors, with all these areas right down the street.

The neighborhood shuttle is always available for a trip downtown or to the nearby BART station to access all that awaits you in the Bay Area, from the symphony and ballet to museums, restaurants and stadiums.

If Viamonte seems like the right choice for you or your loved one, visit our website to learn more about your options.