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Aging in Place vs CCRC Living


You may think staying in your home will help you save money and keep you feeling safe and secure. But in reality, things can change when you enter retirement. Some changes are great while others may cause some worry—for yourself and your loved ones. Moving into a  Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), also known as a Life Plan Community, can almost guarantee that your hard work pays off. And you may just be able to achieve the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned for yourself. Whether you’re considering a move to take place in the near future, or you are just beginning your research for later years, it’s never too soon to be informed.

Healthcare as You Age

As you get older, your needs vary. For example, you or a loved one may not require any assistance currently. In this case, you could join an independent living community. But as the years go on, day to day activities can grow more difficult and one day you may require services from nurses or staff members. At a senior living community, long term care services will be available to you, likely in the same location so you don’t have to continue to move. For example, Viamonte’s Continuing Care approach includes three levels of living: independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

  • Independent living allows for all the comforts and privacy you have in your own home, with the conveniences of living in a community with everything you need nearby.
  • Assisted living is available when you’re in need of medication management and additional support with daily tasks.
  • Memory care is for those who are experiencing mild to moderate dementia.

Secure Your Finances

Expenses in the home can be unpredictable, but at a CCRC, there are no surprises. These expenses vary from community to community and are outlined in detail for you as you conduct your research. Typically, residents pay a refundable entrance fee and an ongoing monthly fee, which covers both their residence and a wide array of services and amenities. Both the entrance fee and the monthly fee are based on the floor plan selected as well as the number of occupants. As you’re researching your options, you’ll want to compare your current monthly expenses with the monthly costs of a CCRC. This affordability calculator will walk you through the steps and help determine if a CCRC would make sense for you financially.

Avoid Social Isolation

A CCRC is a neighborhood of individuals in the same situation as yourself, around the same age with similar goals of the future in mind. Being in close proximity to others means you can avoid isolation, which can be a serious issue for those who remain in their homes. Staying active socially is shown to have a positive impact on your health. CCRCs are designed to allow you to embrace life, spending your time doing what you love most and providing you with the tools to do so. Resident programs offer a calendar of activities and social events so you can get involved in old favorite hobbies and tackle new ones. And one of the best parts is that you’re making new friends along the way. Friends that you can invite over, explore the community with, and find comfort in knowing they’re just a few doors down or a short walk away.

Provide Peace of Mind to Family Members

Your family members and loved ones care about you, and their concerns may be growing if you’re remaining in your home. Staying in a CCRC will give them the peace of mind that you’re taken care of, from something as simple as medicine management to more serious issues such as medical emergencies or falls. With doctors and skilled nurses on site, you won’t have to deal with the inconveniences of driving to appointments or having to find a pharmacy to get your prescriptions. Wellness programs also ensure you are always prioritizing your health, just like your community is.


Some seniors find it difficult to give up their own space to move to a CCRC, but independent living may end up being far more comfortable than you think. For starters, your home is yours with the privacy that you desire. You’ll have little interaction with staff unless otherwise requested or as it becomes necessary. Many communities offer floor plans to fit every lifestyle, with distinctive homes to choose from. Particularly in a new community like Viamonte, you have the opportunity to explore living spaces and a variety of design options to determine what’s best for you. And while you have the option to cook your meals in your state-of-the-art kitchen, the dining options available onsite are sure to satisfy any palette. Choose from club-style, bistro or al fresco dining, and bring your family as guest dining is always available.

Consider Viamonte at Walnut Creek for Carefree Senior Living

You’ve already started the first step towards retirement living—researching the best option for your future. Carefree living is only a phone call away with Viamonte at Walnut Creek. Call us at 925-621-6600.

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